About Us

Doctors having a conversationWe are an international manufacturer, service, support, and training organization providing integrated laser based solutions across multiple medical disciplines. Pioneers in the medical laser marketplace, the principals of SLI, each with over 35 years of experience, have been instrumental in introducing some of the first and now most successful medical laser solutions across multiple medical disciplines, including urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, thoracic, ENT, cardiovascular and neurosurgery, many of which are now considered the ‘standard of care’ for treatment.

We focus on clinical efficacy, evidence based research, proven technologies, and value, delivering practical solutions which enhance patient care and introduce operational and financial benefits to the practice. In this regard, we deliver measurable benefits to patients, clinicians and the medical system alike.

  • Enhanced patient care
  • Minimally invasive laser treatments
  • Value based, cost-effective & practical laser based solutions
  • Best of breed technology, cost effective consumables, unparalleled support & comprehensive educational programs

Our Mission

Leadership in the development and delivery of innovative, state of the art, high performance, minimally invasive and practical laser solutions comprising technology, support, consumables, and education.
Focusing on core competencies and 'best of breed' technologies, we create value through partnerships which ensure efficient implementation of laser technology, enhancing the quality of patient care while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Our People

Two men talking

While technological innovation is the foundation of our offer, our true success can be attributed to our people, as it is their loyalty, integrity, credibility, knowledge, experience, and commitment that differentiates us in the marketplace. Focusing on evidence based research, objective non-biased evaluations and a fundamental understanding of the science and practical issues, our educators, clinical advisors, partners and business development managers clearly explain the facts you need to make informed decisions about your investment in laser technology. Our intuitive approach helps us to clearly demonstrate the true value of specific laser technology across various medical disciplines.

Our Commitment to Education

With unparalleled operating room laser experience, we have developed comprehensive yet intuitive training and Certification programs for multiple medical disciplines and procedures. Both didactic and hands-on clinical training programs are available including OR based training, private practice and one-on-one preceptor programs.

Contact us to learn more about minimally invasive laser procedures, systems, education & consumables.